Choosing the right creative design agency for your project is no mean feat.

What makes a great design agency for one project, won't for another and there's a

considerable process you must go through to ensure you are investing in the right agency.

To ensure you're making the right decision, ask yourself the following…

1. Does the agency's portfolio align with your project?

When choosing a creative design agency, you must consider how their portfolio aligns with your project.

A portfolio will always give you an indication of how likely an agency is to meet your expectations,

even before you get in touch. As such, it's advisable to consider three things:

SIZE of work

An agencies portfolio will be indicative of the size of project they are comfortable working on. Some agencies might work solely with blue chips, some might work best with SMEs and others with both. Either way, you should get a clear idea of how viable your project will be with the agency in question. If businesses of a similar size to yours are reflected throughout the portfolio, you're in a good starting place.

TYPE of work

From a creative design agency portfolio, you'll also be able to gage the type of work the agency usually works on. Different creative briefs require different sets of skills, so it's important you see evidence of work which reflects what you require. For example, if you're looking for point of sale design, you're best placed to choose an agency where there is strong evidence of this type of work in their portfolio.

STYLE of work

A portfolio will give a strong sense of

the style of work the agency is used to producing. If you're a quirky B2C

business, you're best placed to choose

an agency whose design has a unique

and fun edge. If the agency's portfolio has

a strong sway of corporate B2B style designs, you might be in the wrong place.

2. Does their ethos align with your business?

Over 30 years of design experience has taught us that the best relationships are formed

where the client and the design agency's ethos' align.


This generally lends itself to a better relationship as expectations of outcomes are often the same. For example, here at QD Design, we have a one client,

one designer ethos. We take away the middleman and open up the relationship which ensures clarity of message, cost savings and stunning visual results.

As such, we work best with clients who also prefer to talk directly to the designer, rather then conversing through an account manager.

3. What are their clients saying about them?

It's always important to consider current and previous clients when deciding which creative design agency

is right for your project. The best design agencies will offer transparency with their portfolio of clients

and give you some insight into what it's like to work with them. When thinking about current and past clients, consider two things:


Have a look through the agency's website, brochure or review sites and find out what past and current clients have to say about their experience.

Longevity of relationships

Needless to say, if an agency has worked with their clients over a number of years, it's a good indication that their client portfolio trusts the work they produce. Make sure you consider longevity of relationships as much as you do testimonials when evaluating an agency.

4. Do their employees hold the skills you would require?

Take a look at an agency's 'meet the team' page and find out more about the skill sets of each employee.


It's a good thing if the agency is made up of specialists, rather than generalists, as you're likely to get a much higher calibre and quality of work.

The term 'creative design agency' is broad - so make sure you delve into the skills of each employee to make sure they have the ability to produce the

type of work you're looking for.


5. Are they recognised for their creative work?

You're looking for a creative design agency because you want an agency that is creative.


It's obvious, but many people select an agency based on price or location, without actually considering how creative the agency is.

Check for awards, nominations or special mentions - although not the be all or end all, some of the best design agencies will have been recognised

through awards or received special mentions in the media.


It's important to consider all aspects of this list when considering creative design agencies. Failing to do so might mean you put your project in the hands

of the wrong agency and finish with a result that falls short of your expectations. If you're ready to start considering the best design agencies for your

project, download our checklist to help you make your final decision.



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